Andrew Parker 

Passionately building custom homes in Park City, Utah since 1988. Andrew Parker Construction guarantees Owner-Focused, Personalized Service with amazing results within budget and on time. Our small highly professional staff focuses solely on your project and your complete satisfaction. APC guides and accompanies you through the home building process with vast knowledge, passion, empathy and a sense of humor. We commit to working with your team of designers, architects and preferred vendors from conception through delivery and beyond. 


Donald Porteous- Home Owner

I interviewed around 5 builders in Park City before starting my house project.   Andrew was the most engaging and passionate about not only building the house but also the environmental nature of my project.   I also liked the idea that he was hands on and focused 100% on one home at a time.

Before and during construction Andrew worked relentlessly on not only the construction works but also the design with the architects and also the Interior Designers.   He was pushing them continually, suggesting changes and details to save on cost and add to the design to build an amazing home.  I had complete trust in him from early stage of the project to build a great house that would last the test of time in design, materials and workmanship.  

Andrew is a perfectionist and he works relentlessly to ensure a high quality finish across the entire project.  He would not balk at reworking any issue numerous times and being honest about the challenge that he always conquered.    His standards are equally high from Engineering through the smallest finishes.    His punch list was a lot longer than mine and he has been working way past completion, improving things that I didn't even notice that he felt needed to be improved.

Overall Andrew is a master builder and expert project manager that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Jack & Sue Mueller- Home Owner

Andrew was constantly vigilant and had great rapport with the subs who understand his focus on "getting it right".  Frankly, we came to believe that he genuinely cares and that he would be our representative. We were not disappointed.

He is not someone tangentially involved, "monitoring" the job, but rather was at the site constantly and if necessary he wore a tool belt. Andrew was involved both strategically (with us and our NY based architect) and tactically (with the subs in executing a vision.) Through-out our project, he effectively dealt with problems when they arose, but more importantly, was proactive in noting potential issues and suggesting solutions. These were often both creative and cost effective. His experience as a builder in difficult climate/conditions was invaluable to both the owners and architect...

...did he disappear once the job was over - no. Andrew continues to take ownership for the house and any issues that arise. We love having him stop by ( how are things, any issues...?) and he is responsive whenever we call...

In the end, what is important - did you get what you were promised, when it was promised, with clarity regarding price, and with a belief that it was done right? We did. Perhaps the best testimonial we can give is that Andrew began as our builder but has ended as a close friend. 

Mark Freiman- Home Owner

Andrew Parker stood out as being a builder who fully understands the process of building a home from the initial design criteria to the finishing touches.

He is extremely particular when selecting the right subcontractor and making sure the workmanship is first class, both in quality and service. Andrew budgeted the cost of construction by subcontractor and tried diligently to respect the budget and keep us apprised of the progress weekly. 

Andrew built three homes for our family over a period of nine years; each home larger than the last. He was timely, cost effective, and delivered first class service. This was not just another home to Andrew as he wants each home to be the finest in Park City. 

We had such a good working relationship with Andrew that we wanted him to come to Connecticut and build our dream home here too. We are sure you will find that anyone Andrew builds for will want to use him again if they build another home. That in itself is the ultimate testament to his dedication to his clients, value and the quality he delivers. One always needs a builder like Andrew who represents their interests first and foremost before anyone else's. 

Gary & Diana Coleman- Home Owner

Andrew Parker made building our home as easy and fun as possible. Although this is the first home we have built, we have put on several additions in the past and have worked with many builders. Andrew is by far the most competent, honest and hands-on builder we have ever employed.

We interview three builders and selected Andrew primarily based on his business model (he basically builds one home at a time), the strong references we received from past customers and his working style. We engaged Andrew early in the process, and included him in all meetings with the architect and interior designer. Andrew was a meaningful and enthusiastic participant in these early design sessions.

We also appreciated Andrews honesty and integrity. We never worried about him taking advantage of us in any way. Andrew always had our best interest at heart. His employees and sub-contractors were also highly trustworthy. Andrew consistently strove to find the best value and we had frequent discussions on the selection of sub-contractors based on price, quality, reputation and reliability.

We have been in our house over 7 years now and Andrew continues to be quick to respond to any questions concerning the house. He did not build the house and leave us... We highly recommend Andrew as a builder.